“I never aspired to a show breed, my object being utility qualities only but the great beauty of the Buckeyes is a sore temptation...”

Mrs.. Nettie Metcalf


Bill & Geri Dyke

​​​Breeders of Traditional Pea Comb Buckeye Chickens

  • Rusty's2:33
  • The Smoke Has Cleared3:27
  • Breaking Bread4:08
  • Hog's Back3:02
  • Hartford Spring4:15

Hidden Creek Farm is dedicated to the conservation of the pea comb Buckeye chicken

as developed and described by Mrs. Nettie Metcalf of Warren Ohio in the late 19th century.

It is to the end that this wonderful, beautiful, hardy, versatile breed will be found on the farms and in the backyards of future generations

that we devote our time and our energy, indeed our lives.

Because the Standard of Perfection published by the American Poultry Association has changed in the ensuing years since the Buckeye’s inclusion as an American class breed in that organization in 1904, as well as efforts by certain organizations at preservation, sloppily it sometimes seems, in order to prevent its total extinction, there has now become a disagreement among some as to exactly what the Buckeye chicken should be like.

We, being members of the American Buckeye Club, originally founded by Mrs. Nettie Metcalf herself in 1906 and revived in 2008 in Miamisburg, Ohio by Mr. Jeff Lay, believe that there could be no better source of information on this subject than Mrs. Metcalf herself.

“...difference in shape and comb and depth of color...ought to be...different [than] the Rhode Island Red...”
“...a bar of slate across the feathers of the back, next to the surface color, the rest of the under-color being red.”
“...cutting out slate in the under-color...would never do for Buckeyes.”
“...this dark pigment was necessary in order to retain the dark plumage in the offspring.”
“The Buckeye should be...much darker in color than the accepted Rhode Island Red...”
“Their plumage should be so dark as the male as to look almost black in some lights, garnet red...”


Welcome to the "Dark Side". Welcome to the "Buckeye Nation".