Breeders of traditional pea comb Buckeye Red chickens

offering Lay strain/Shumaker strain cross.

Bill and Geri Dyke

Sales & Shipping Policy

Pullets/cockerels are not available until late fall/early winter. Pickup only.

At that time we also begin a list of requests for chicks for the next season,

in the order that we receive them and they are paid for.

Our first shipment of the season occurs on the first Monday of April.

Pickups are possible earlier than that.

We incubate chicks on an order by order basis. We do not hatch batches in advance.

We set eggs only after payment is received and has cleared.

Our chick season ends on the last Monday of June of every year.

We do not sell hatching eggs.
We ship only to the lower 48 Continental United States.

We ship USPS Priority Mail Express "Hold For Pickup",

which means we ship to your local PO for you to pick up from there, not to your home.

We ship on Monday afternoon only and delivery takes 1 – 2 days.
We make no guarantee as to the sex, egg laying capability, physical standards,

nor showing or breeding suitability of any of our chicks.

We do not sex nor Marek’s vaccinate.
We guarantee our chicks to show good health and vigor

for the first 48 hours after the customer takes receipt of them.

A refund of the price of any chicks that do not meet this criteria will be made.

We try to include extra chicks with every order, whenever possible.

We include these free extra chicks to cover any losses, should they occur.

Our guarantee does not extend to these free extra chicks.

- Ordering -

Please read our Sales & Shipping Policy.

Use our Contact page.

Day Old Chicks
$90.00 per dozen - Pickup only.

Shipped - Add $15 for packaging (+) shipping cost.

Shipping cost is based upon your exact location

and ranges between $25 - $50.

Contact us and we will give you an exact price.

You only go on our list and eggs are not set in the incubator until after payment is received.

We accept cash, personal checks, money orders &

 We do not accept PayPal payment through this site,
but we can invoice you via PayPal

if that is your preferred method of payment.

We set eggs only after payment

is received and has cleared.

We do not sell hatching eggs.
Pullets/Cockerels - $25 each when available - Pickup only.

Adult Breeders by special order only. - Pickup only.
Contact us for prices.

Breeders of Traditional Pea Comb Buckeye Red Chickens