Bill was great to work with, from ordering through receiving. The best chicks that I have ever received through the P.O. I can't say enough about the quality of these Buckeyes. Can hardly wait to see them develop!!

Art Thooft - Audubon, Iowa

We are new to this and have been so excited to start this journey. Our experience, from the first email to the phone call to make sure we got them, was great! They are beautiful and healthy. All 10 of us are over the moon. Thank you so much.

Phillip and Noelle Pratt - Medina, Ohio

Bill was very informative and helpful, and quick to respond to all of my questions .Received 16 healthy active beautiful chicks!

Nikole Blanenship - Wellington, Ohio

Hi Bill, you may not remember me but my husband, daughters and I came to your home and bought some buckeye chicks last year in March.... in a snow storm lol. I wanted to let you know that my daughter just won Grand and Reserve Grand Champion with our two roosters that we got from you at our county 4H fair. I thought you would like to know how wonderful your birds did!!!

Jennifer Kintner - Corydon, Indiana

Bill and Geri are great to work with. They answered my questions and put up with me trying to find quality birds closer to AZ. When I finally ordered the chicks they kept updated throughout the hatching process. All chicks arrived healthy and very active after their two day trip from Indiana to SE AZ.

Richard Carnes - St. David, Arizona

Leave A Review

The Hidden Creek Buckeyes I bought last year have exceeded my expectations. The strong, healthy chicks have grown into beautiful and vigorous young Bucks, correct in every way and a delight to have on my homestead. Well done, Bill and Geri!

Colleen Hix - Houghton, Michigan

  • Hartford Spring4:15
  • Rusty's2:33
  • The Smoke Has Cleared3:27
  • Breaking Bread4:08
  • Hog's Back3:02

Wonderful people, nice setup, healthy chicks, beautiful chickens, and I will recommend them!

David Nicholson - North Judson, Indiana

Bill & Geri Dyke

I ordered 12 buckeye chicks from hidden creek farm. They kept in contact with me every single step of the incubation process. June 2nd I received not just my 12 chicks, but an extra 6 more!!!! Every single one was alive and very healthy. And to this day, 28 days later, every single one is still alive and look amazing! Definitely will be ordering again in the future and referring people to order from this awesome place!!

Ashley  Fabian - Bloomingdale, Ohio


I got 24 chicks from this farm and they were wonderful to work with. They responded to all my questions and the chicks arrived happy and healthy. In the wake of all the industrial chickens I was happy to hear that their flock is raised without Marek's vaccination or medicated feed. That seems like a great first step to healthy chicken genes. Thank you!

Kristy Robinson - McKee, Kentucky

It's been just over five months since I got my buckeye chicks from Bill and Geri. Thank you so much! When they arrived I was overjoyed to find 17 healthy and active chicks! Over the months they've grown into absolutely gorgeous representations of the breed. They're everything that I had been hoping for. They're hardy, full of character, resourceful, and maybe even a bit too fearless. We let them free range and even at only 4 months they were running off fully grown wild turkeys! With that said, they love people and it never fails to bring a smile to your face when the whole flock runs across the field to greet you

Marina Friel - Cushing, Maine

My husband and I would like to send a special Thank you to Bill and Geri. They took time out of their busy day to talk with us last Sunday afternoon. They were very nice people and shared their knowledge and stories with us. Just meeting them, it seems that they take great care in improving and preserving this wonderful breed. It was a pleasure meeting them. And what better way to spend an afternoon - talking about Buckeyes!!

Susan Dowell - Dale, Indiana

I picked up my chicks yesterday so I can't speak from long experience yet. The chicks are very alert and look healthy. As you can see from other reviews, and I confirm, Bill was pleasant to do business with. I got emails/phone calls with status updates on the process from time of purchase until time of pickup. The best review I can leave is...I would do it again!

Larry Manz - Paulding, Ohio

I can't say enough good things about Bill, his sweet natured wife and their beautiful Buckeyes. We visited their farm to purchase a straight run of 8 chicks and we had a simply wonderful experience. Bill is so knowledgeable, the farm was so clean, the animals ( not just the chickens) were all happy and looked so healthy. He let us tour all the areas where he kept the chickens in their different stages. When we told him that we homeschool he took the opportunity to teach our boys about the stages of chicken growth and the difference in behavior between the hens and roosters as well as outlining what they could expect from our chicks in the first few weeks. Bill told us to reach out if we had any questions, which we haven't yet, but he made us feel very comfortable asking if we need to. Our chickens are 10 weeks old now and they are so healthy and happy. They came from great stock. Thanks for everything Bill.

Asley Acra - Fortville, Indiana

We purchased 10 chicks from Bill and his wife in March. All 10 are still doing great! These are truly beautiful birds and of great quality. Bill and his wife are so sweet. She even gave me a flat of garden plants. I can’t recommend these birds and people enough!!

Jennifer Kintner - Corydon, Indiana

Thanks Bill & Geri for the healthy Buckeye chicks all are a week old and growing like weeds, thanks for making me and the family feel so welcome at your home and we all really enjoyed the tour of of your homestead and look forward to seeing you all again sometime soon.

Daryl Eickbush - Columbus, Indiana

We are glad to provide a great review for our batch of buckeye chicks. Bill & Geri were consistent & pleasant from the very beginning. They promptly responded to our questions, put us on their waiting list for when they planned to hatch next, kept us up-to-date on progress & scheduled when would be best for us to pick-up. We were able to pick up during our scheduled time with newly hatched chicks. Bill even show myself & our kids the farm, which they thoroughly enjoyed! We're happy to report that after almost 8 weeks, all 13 straight run chicks are still thriving & loving being outside in our portable electric fence & chicken tractor. They are showing wonderful growth & have all feathered out well. They are friendly (as far as chicks/ chickens go) & we have not have any health issues to date. Just looking forward to finishing growing out to see how beautiful they will be, similar to their parents! Thanks so much Bill & Geri!

Alan Miller - Lebanon, Indiana

I recently obtained a dozen of Bills gorgeous buckeyes. Healthy, happy and very social babies! Highly recommend his Buckeyes if you want true quality in the breed.

Janet Chaney - Pendleton, Indiana

​​​Breeders of Traditional Pea Comb Buckeye Chickens

I love my Buckeye chicks I bought from here, that grew up to be nice adults, even the roosters.

Carolyn Sslingerland - Mansfield, Pennsylvania

Love my Hidden Creek Farm Buckeyes. Even though I only have eight hens, they lay in such quantity; there's six dozen eggs in my fridge right now. Eggs are eaten every morning and used in baking. The neighbors even receive them as gifts. We get about four to seven eggs a day.

Janette Schlarb - Madras, Oregon

Chicks are doing great at 5 weeks. Everyone is healthy and look like Ohio Buckeyes should. I am very pleased with the purchase. All the best to you and your wife. 

Joe Techau - Mattoon, Illinois

I can't say enough about the quality of service that I have gotten from Bill over the years. We first visited the farm 3 years ago to buy 5 hens to try to get a breeding program of our own up and running. Well our program has been slowed no fault of Bill's. We went back this year and got 15 day old chicks. Well worth the 90 minute drive each way. It has been 6 weeks and all 15 are alive and well. 

Jason  Wion - Bradford, Ohio

After a lot of research and talking to different people about their birds, we decided to order chicks from Bill and Geri. They finally arrived two days ago, every single one alive and healthy. These chicks are beautiful, feisty, and inquisitive. They are everything I have come to expect from quality Buckeyes. I can’t wait to watch them grow. Thank you Bill and Geri for your excellent communication and quality birds. This is something that I’ve been wanting for years, and it was worth the wait. 

Maggie Williams - Mauldin, South Carolina

Bill and Geri are great folks and have a nice flock of standard bred Buckeyes! I highly recommend them to people looking for quality Buckeyes at affordable prices.

Jeff Lay - Miamisburg, Ohio